Wedding Photography: How To Choose Your Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photography: How To Choose Your Wedding Photographer

Your wedding may probably rank high up as one of the most memorable moments of your life. You wouldn’t want it to be immortalized in mediocre pictures, so you’re now on the lookout for that talented photographer who is known for taking quality wedding photography. Here are some practical tips on how to look for the perfect wedding photographer that you and your partner will have fun working with:

1. Make sure to meet all your prospective wedding photographers first. Wedding photography is not just about taking beautiful, romantic pictures; it’s also about how in sync you and your partner are with your photographer. Is he someone who has a good disposition, or will he likely cause stress on everyone during the actual wedding day? Does he plan shots which agree with your taste, or does he have completely outlandish ideas which do not represent you and your partner at all? Do not just close deals over the phone—meet with your potential photographer and get to know him.

2. Do not rely on the pictures displayed on their website. Chances are, the pictures on display in their portfolio are the best ones. What you need to look for is a complete wedding photography collection of your potential photographer’s past clients. How well does he capture the perfect moments? Does he know when to jump in for that priceless shot? Do the photos look festive, fresh, romantic, and fun? Have a look at a complete set of photographs—-from the hotel pictures down to the reception.

3. Make sure that your photographer knows how to appreciate style. You didn’t painstakingly pick out those dainty cups and intricate floral arrangements only to be thrown away the next day. Look at how your potential photographer’s portfolio features little details like table arrangements, center pieces, gown beadery, choice of fabric for all the groomsmen and bridesmaids, and the like. The skillful photographer will have a creative eye to capture these details and include them in your wedding photography compilation.

4. Plan out creative shots that you want taken by your photographer. Setting common expectations is usually key to a satisfied customer and an excellent turn-out of photos from the photographer, so you and your photographer should be able to arrive at a creative plan together. Listen to the proposals your photographer will give you on your first meeting, and see how well he can quickly get the ideas you have in mind. Also, do not set an impossibly high expectation from him—-realize that throughout your wedding, from hair and makeup to reception to post-production editing and layouting, your photographer will be working nonstop. Make sure you’re eyeing a skilled photographer, but do not morph into bride-zilla and set unrealistic expectations. This can be avoided by having a good expectations check during the first meeting.

Wedding photography is indeed a very memorable collection that you would want to look back in fondness in the future. You can only do this if your photographs are beautiful and timeless in the first place, so your wedding photography should be headed and supervised by a talented, versatile, creative, and grounded photographer who will ensure that each important moment on your big day is beautifully captured on camera.